is reality crazy or are you?

As part of her service to Grey Priestess Abbey, Helen offers shamanic healing to people living in altered or extreme states like psychosis, depression, or anxiety. An initiated shaman, Helen believes in the importance of these states and rejects the modern medical notion that recovery is the priority. Instead, she is firmly grounded in the knowledge that these states often occur as a result of rejection, abuse and societal corruption.

Helen doesn't believe that "curing" such states is the answer to the current mental health crisis. Instead, she feels that altered and extreme states are a call to a more conscious path, to reject society's foolishness and commit to a different life orientation. Mental illness is complicated, and recovery is not always possible for many of us. Because our society is broken on a fundamental level, our capacity to deal with that is not always present. 

Instead of "reintegration," "recovery," and self-sufficiency, Helen believes in living a good life, defined by the ancient values of study and service. Rather than focusing solely on how many degrees we can earn, how much we make, who we're dating, and where we live, Helen believes in measuring quality of life by:

  • how many meaningful connections we have with others
  • how much time we spend doing the things we love
  • how deeply we're involved in healing the communities we live in
  • and how committed we are to a life of healing and personal growth

When we focus on the Path, the other successes will come... in this life or the next.

In consultation, Helen uses dadirri, an ancient Pacific Islander technique of intentional listening. This allows her to analyze each client's unique situation on an intuitive level. Combined with other analytical tools, she is often able to provide deeply insightful feedback on problems that clients may be facing. These tools include:

  • astrology. Helen works with a computer program named Astrovox to place a client's past, present and future struggles in an astrological context.
  • the prophetic sense. Helen has written papers on the prophetic sense for academic journals and is well-trained in using prophecy to place client concerns in a socio-historical context.
  • divination. Helen is a gifted psychic who is skilled in reading the voice and body. She uses her psychic talents to divine key information about a client's challenges.
  • counseling. Helen holds a degree in social welfare and has spoken at postgraduate Ph.D.-level seminars at NYU. She is gifted at the use of words of power in counseling for maximum impact.

While Helen is able to help people from all walks of life, her special interests include disability issues, mixed race concerns, family trauma, incel concerns (both male and female), political marginalization, bullying, and autism. She has special insights into these issues that allow her to offer particularly helpful guidance to others. If you'd like to get in touch with her, contact her using the tab above.