current projects


The Sekhmet Protocol: 87 Holistic Tools for Healing Trauma - self-published early 2019

This book is a guide to dozens of alternative health treatments for healing emotional trauma. Packed with tips on diet, lifestyle, supplements, cutting-edge medical treatments and personal growth tools, it offers new hope for people seeking to heal from mental distress. Watch out for a passionate introduction that outlines Helen's perspective on mental health, healing and society.

Fasting for Mental Health and Personal Improvement - self-published 2019

This short book outlines Helen's half-decade of experience with advanced fasting and purification. Unknown to many, fasting is a powerful tool for concentrating the Will and clarifying many issues that may be interfering with your mental health, happiness and potential. Through fasting, Helen cleared many blocks to her own self-development and eventually transitioned off of all medication. This book discusses the history and science of fasting, its methods and dangers, and supportive tools you can use to enhance your experience.

Lotus From Concrete: Reflections of a Homeless Schizophrenic - seeking a publisher

This book of essays reflects on Helen's 20+ years as a homeless schizophrenic in the NYC shelter system. Packed with brilliant essays on race, disability and spirituality, it explores everything from deceptive freedom ideologies to the limitations of Western metaphysics. After reading this book, you may never look at the world the same way again.


Finding Sanity: Soul Retrieval for People In Altered and Extreme States - available 2019

This 9-week online course will introduce students to Helen's creative innovations in soul retrieval, a shamanic technique intended to restore wholeness and soul force to people who have lived through trauma. Through unique exercises, readings, PDFs, and assignments, students will find their soul orientations and start along the path to the Great Work.


Grey Shamans (documentary) - currently in pre-production

This documentary will explore the experiences of mixed-race people living with mental illnesses like schizophrenia, depression and social anxiety. For many decades, mixed-race people in America have had the highest rates of incarceration, institutionalization, mental illness and suicide of any demographic group in the country, yet our plight goes largely ignored by modern-day society. This film aims to improve the authenticity of current national discussions about race relations and break the silence.


Butterflies in Transition: An Ritual of Mourning for Latina Suicide Victims (early 2019)

In early 2019, Grey Priestess Abbeywill hold a public ritual of mourning for Latinas and other mixed-race women who died by suicide in the Bronx in 2018. This ritual will involve invocation, song, spoken-word performance, musical selections, and offerings and will be held by candlelight. Further details about the event will be available on this website closer to the date. All are welcome to attend.