do you feel called to SERVE?

bullet imagebullet imageYou're not alone. In this time of apocalyptic events and spiritual awakening, many of us are being led to the path of a monastic. You may have felt called to enter ministry, but you don't feel drawn to total renunciation of sensual pleasures and the joys of community.

wheat field

why retreat?

Since the very dawn of the ancient priesthoods, monks and nuns were not called upon to renounce the world. Learn more about the ancient mystery traditions and why they encouraged the clergy to embrace their secular lives. 

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a soulful path

You don't have to deprive yourself of sleep and follow a rigid schedule to become a monastic. Read about the unique guidance and support we offer the monastics in our order and find out how you can develop a meaningful practice from wherever you're at. 

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sacred partnership

Sexuality is one of the most important tools a monastic has for psychic and energy transformation, and all too often it's ignored by mainstream monasteries. Learn how Grey Mystics practice sacred sexuality and become keepers of the sacred flame.

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